Bird Club Monthly Meeting
November 1, 4:00 PM Hidden Cypress

 Meeting November 1, 4 pm, Hidden Cypress.The election of our Executive Officers for 2018 will be done before our scheduled program. The program: “Creatures of the Night” is an educational program devoted to creating human appreciation of our natural world. Using live animals, the physical adaptations of nocturnal Owls, and Bats and the importance of predators in nature are presented. Topics discussed are human impact on our environment and how that accounts for habitat loss and effects bio-diversity. Presented by Nancy Owen. Having been a teacher for many years, Nancy is well versed in making programs fun as well as educational.

A Call to Action

Help Sustain the Environment for all life here on Earth

A list of actions homeowners can take to eliminate bird strikes to their windows

can be found HERE

Click here to view a spreadsheet detailing the Christmas Bird Count for many years and in many communities

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