The Backyard Christmas Bird Count will be held this year on December 16th. Click here to download the instructions and checklist
We look forward seeing you at our special Wednesday, December 7th meeting at Hidden Cypress. We will start at 3PM with a presentation illustrating the common birds we expect to see on our Friday, December 16th Christmas Bird Count. We begin our social at 4PM
We hope you will be able to attend.
REMINDER: The 2017 dues will be accepted at the December 7th social. We will have all the forms for you to fill out. You may pay the $10 per person cost either by check or by activity card.

Here is a photo by Catherine Thiem Photography

Birding Websites

Please click on the link below for Noah Rosenstein's information on helpful birding websites:

Birding Websites

Bluebird Website

Below is the link to the website devoted entirely to our Bluebird Trail. The lead coordinator for the Bluebird Trail is Cherry Underwood.
Click here to be redirected to the Bluebird website
Click here to download the Bluebird Nest Box Monitoring Guide

John Burrack has set up a website displaying absolutely beautiful pictures of butterflies and bugs taken at the Butterfly Garden.  Please go to:http://schhbutterflygarden.shutterfly.comWe all thank you, John!


Contribution fo SCDNR Marine Education Fund

If you would like to make a contribution to help educate youth about the importance of land preservation and environmental education, you can make out your check to SCDNR Marine Education Fund and mail it to Al Segar at 16 Coastal Seafood Rd, St Helena Island, SC 29920.