The next webinar meeting of the Bird Club is scheduled for November 4th at 4:00 PM. Following is a description of the topic to be covered.

Many species of raptors make their home in South Carolina for at least part of the year, and even more pass through during their perilous diurnal seasonal migration. Join Audubon South Carolina's Jen Tyrrell to learn how to identify South Carolina raptor species as well as explore their migration habits, behavior, and conservation issues they face. Jen Tyrrell has worked with raptors for 20 years, including running a hawk watch migration survey station. As Audubon South Carolina's Engagement Manager Jen works on multiple bird conservation outreach and research initiatives as well as engages Audubon members in policy and climate issues.

This meeting will be a departure from past Zoom meetings in that it will be hosted by Audubon South Carolina. This will require registration by those who would like to attend. The meeting will feature Jennifer Tyrrell, Bird Friendly Communities Coordinator, discussing Fall Migration. 

After with the presentation will be an announcement of our election for the 2021 Board of Directors.

Even if you don’t attend the monthly meeting, you will receive an email with the voting directions.

Please register for this extraordinary opportunity to learn about migrating birds.

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