The next webinar meeting of the Bird Club is scheduled for October 7th at 4:00 PM
The meeting will be hosted by Lydia Moore discussing bats. They are not birds but they do fly and eat bugs.

We will be sending you an email with the webinar link before the 7th so you can join us. Please understand that only 100 members can join in so consider sharing your tablet or computer with another to allow for more to attend.

To see how to join our meeting, please visit this site:
The Club no longer uses paper forms. Please Click on the Google Forms link below for the 2021 Membership Form
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Are you concerned about the health or safety of a wild bird of prey or shorebird?


FIRST – Call the Avian Medical Clinic at 843.971.7474 and press option #1 for the Injured Bird Line.

You can also send an email to

We are available to assist with injured birds from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day of the week. If you need assistance after 9:00 p.m., please leave a message and we will contact you first thing the following morning.

Always leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

SECOND – Do not handle the bird unless you are confident you can do so without injuring yourself or injuring the bird further. Injured raptors require specialized treatment and care from a Federally-licensed, experienced practitioner.

It is illegal to possess any migratory bird without state and federal permits. However, your temporary assistance is allowed in helping an injured bird reach proper care and doing so ensures its best chance for recovery and return to its natural environment.

THIRD – If the bird is contained, do not offer food or water to the bird.
The bird may not be strong enough to process solid food, even if it appears hungry; feeding could harm or even be fatal to the bird. Having food in its system may also preclude certain medical procedures that the bird may need.

Please note that our facilities are not equipped to treat ducks, geese, or songbirds.

You can also contact:
Port Royal Veterinary Hospital
1502 Paris Avenue
Port Royal SC 29935
(843) 379-7387
For Free Installation – to protect bird life in our community a Sun City Bird Club member will make and install Acopian Bird Savers as shown here for $5 (cost of materials) on first floor windows.  Contact Jim Cubie at 1-843-991-1059 (you must dial the “1” from landlines) or at
 Help Sustain the Environment for life here on Earth.
A list of actions homeowners can take to eliminate bird strikes to their window can be found HERE
CLICK HERE to view a spreadsheet detailing the Christmas Bird Count for many years and in many communities

CLICK HERE for list of Low Country Birding sites ranging from here in Sun City to as much as a 2 hour drive


Please Drink Bird Friendly Coffee

     Different Certifications:

•  Bird Friendly – this is the only true shade grown certification
•  Organic – no prohibited substances even if grown in another country
•  Rainforest Alliance – sustainable agriculture
•  Fair Trade – really about poverty


According to Bird Watching Daily

1. Consider country of origin – Costa Rica, Brazil and Columbia more sun grown coffees

2. Smaller companies better than multinationals

3. Price – cheap is not sustainable for the farmer and the environment