Monthly Meeting
June 6, 2018 at 4:00 PM
Hidden Cypress

Topic: Sea Turtles

Speaker: Dr. Joe Pfaller, research director of the Caretta Research Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to studying and protecting sea turtles on Wassaw Island, Georgia.

Summer schedule: There will not be any programs or field trips in July and August.

 Help Sustain the Environment for all life here on Earth
A list of actions homeowners can take to eliminate bird strikes to their window
can be found HERE
CLICK HERE to view a spreadsheet detailing the Christmas Bird Count for many years and in many communities

CLICK HERE for list of Low Country Birding sites ranging from here in Sun City to as much as a 2 hour drive


Please Drink Bird Friendly Coffee

     Different Certifications:

•  Bird Friendly – this is the only true shade grown certification
•  Organic – no prohibited substances even if grown in another country
•  Rainforest Alliance – sustainable agriculture
•  Fair Trade – really about poverty


According to Bird Watching Daily

1. Consider country of origin – Costa Rica, Brazil and Columbia more sun grown coffees

2. Smaller companies better than multinationals

3. Price – cheap is not sustainable for the farmer and the environment